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Choose your group's blog post from the Blog Archive List when you are ready to submit your response. Add a comment to the post and submit your Mystery Class "guess." You will be most successful if you write your full response in a word document first, edit it there, and then copy the text into the comment of the post.

Good Luck!

February 2, 2011

Mystery Class #1

If your group had to identify Mystery Class #1, add a comment to this post.  In your submission be sure to address all of the following:
  • The name of the city that you think you have identified correctly
  • The longitude and latitude of your mystery class
  • The relationship between the changing photoperiod and your class' location
  • The cultural clues that lead you to to make the connections to this city
  • Any mathematical calculations that you had to make to narrow down your choice
  • Any other examples and/or evidence you gathered to make your choice
Please include your group name in your submission.

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